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ThrustMaster T-Mega Pack for PS2 ,Set Of Quality Playstation® 2 Accessories With A Fresh New Design, Retail Box, 3 months warranty

Price: R 399.00

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ThrustMaster T-Mega Pack for Nintendo Wii ,Retail Box 3 months warranty

  1. Kart-style racing wheel with rubber grip
  2. Comes with infrared pointer to browse in-game menus without having to remove the Wii Remote from the wheel
  3. Realistic and ergonomic shape: Standard positioning of the hands on the wheel ("10 past 10") thus ensuring all Wii Remote buttons are easily accessible
  4. Features access slots and a cable guide for users wishing to connect an additional Nunchuk controller
  5. Vertical storage base for 1 Wii Remote and 1 Nunchuk, in a clean white lacquered finish to complement the Nintendo Wii console
  6. Built-in battery charger connects to the console's USB port (or to any other device featuring a USB port, e.g. a PC)
  7. Thick (2 mm) white silicone protector offering unequaled shock protection
  8. Unique shape and texture for optimum grip


Stock Code: 4860272

ThrustMaster T Pack Only for Boys -4 game pockets, stylus pocket, adjustable cross-over shoulder strap, Case for MP3 player or mobile phone, Can also be used to on any 7 inch Tablet PC, Retail Box 3 months warranty

Price: R 299.00

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ThrustMaster T-Pack Only for Boys Retail Box 3 months warranty
Product Overview
With the "Only for Boys" T-Pack 2, Thrustmaster offers boys a complete, compact solution. The pack is based around a rigid case crafted of EVA with a trendy camouflage motif. It includes a compartment for a DS Lite, plus another for storing accessories for the console. A wrist strap is also included for optimal security.
To allow users to enjoy the sound from their DS Lite or retreat into their own world, the "Only for Boys" T-Pack 2 includes a pair of ultra-light stereo necklace earphones with a 10mm driver (16 ohms). A removable clip attaches to the earphone cable, featuring a "Thrustmaster Elite Member" tag, identifying the user as belonging to this group.
Please Note: The Carry Case can also be use to on any 7" Tablet PC


•"Parachute material" street-style carry bag set:
•High-end carry bag with cross-over shoulder strap, secure metal buckles, and metal zipper
•1 DS Lite compartment with attachment strap and removable protective cushion plus removable separation for multiple uses
•4 game pockets
•1 stylus pocket
•1 adjustable cross-over shoulder strap
•2 accessory compartments with removable separation for storing the USB recharging system and earphones or other items
•Case for MP3 player or mobile phone:
•Belt attachment option
•Shoulder strap attachment option
•Stereo "behind the neck" earphones for DS LITE
•Khaki Boy replacement stylus
•USB cable recharging system:
•Charge from a PC or Mac
•Charge from a PS2/PS3/Wii/Xbox360 console
•MP3 player attachment system:
•Removable clip on earphone cord
•"Thrustmaster Elite Member" tag 
Stock Code: 4160515

ThrustMasterWIFI USB key for PSP - FunAccess, Retail Box, 1 year warranty

Price: R 299.00

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Thrustmaster FunAccess Wi-Fi USB Key - USB - 54Mbps - IEEE 802.11b/g for PSP and PC Retail Box 1 year warranty

Product Overview
This WiFi USB key for PSP enables you to connect your PSP to the internet wirelessly in a fun, hassle free way, at home or in the office. It turns your desktop or laptop PC into a high speed wireless router so that you can connect to the internet via the PSP wirelessly. No need to invest in a wireless router or mess about with your internet connection. Because it is a 802.11 g access point it offers 5 times faster connection than 802.11b (compatible 802.11g and 802.11 b)  With this 'key' you will be able to browse the internet and play PSP online enabled games including SOCOM, Twisted Metal and Outrun wirelessly. Just what the PSP was designed for. It also supports up to 5 local PSPs at one time so you can really take advantage of multiplayer gaming with your friends. Additionally, you can use it with other WiFi enabled devices including PDAs and laptops to access the internet so it's pretty versatile

Unleash the potential of your PSP and have fun playing onlines games and surfing the internet wirelessly at home
Transform an internet enabled PC into a high speed wireless router
Five times faster than standard Wi-Fi
Can be used with any other Wi-Fi devices (PDAs, Laptops)
Expert technical support at local telephone rates
Works with any Ethernet or USB modems

Allows connection of up to 5 PSP" consoles simultaneously:
Intuitive 'Fun Access' software for automatic internet access sharing,
learning to use a URL, saving a web site into favourites, downloading an image and more

Box Contents
WiFi USB key (802.11 g and 802.11 b compatible)
1 x Installation mini-CD Rom (with installation assistant, drivers and English manual in PDF format)
Stock Code: 4660283

ThrustMaster T- PROTECT Black Storage for your Nintendo, Retail Box, 3 months warranty

Price: R 129.00

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ThrustMaster T- PROTECT Black Storage for your Nintendo Retail Box 3 months warranty

Product Description
The optimal and comfortable silicone protective set for Nintendo Wii controllers
Black silicone cover offers reinforced protection in all the right places
Unique design for easy handling and maximum gaming comfort
Non-slip texture
Buttons are not obscured by the cover
Comes in a blister pack

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